Attiba - Charlotte Ladies Boot

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The Charlotte is a classic mid-calf snow boot. With a black, quilted upper and an inner zip, these boots are warm and easy to slip into. The inner zip will ensure the snow stays out and warmth stays in. Lined with patented ATTIBATEX synthetic wool and boasting the OC system rotor you are guaranteed to stay dry and slip-free on the slopes. These snow boots are avaliable in sizes 36-42.

All mens' and ladies' snow boots available on this site are fitted with the OC system rotor, an internationally-patented, non-slip system. This system improves the grip of the shoe on icy, frozen surfaces – ensuring comfort and stability when walking. The OC rotor is built into the shoe during production and the rotor base is anchored into the sole. Stainless steel studs are set into a special polyurethane framework which swivels, allowing for either a Grip-On or Grip-Off option. Using the Grip-Off position, you can walk on even the most delicate of floors without any damage to the surface. The Grip-On position creates a studded boot for confidence on slippery surfaces. A red OC key is included with the purchase of your boots and allows you to quickly and easily change to Grip-On or Grip-Off position even when the shoe sole is covered in mud and snow. In these situations, the OC key can also be used to remove this from the grooves in the sole. The polyurethane rotor is durable at even the most extreme temperatures. The OC system is the new best thing out there!


Size Conversion Chart 

English (UK)        Europe

3.5                           36

4                              37

5                              38

6                              39

6.5                           40

7                              41

8                              42

9                              42-43

10                            43-44

11                            44-45

12                            46

13                            47