Picture - Grace 2/2 Spring Suit

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Perfect for hot waters

Available with exotic, white or black terrazzo pattern, the Grace 2/2 provides you all the comfort you need while remaining stylish ! This eco-friendly high bottom wetsuit is made with Eicoprene which is a non petroleum-based synthetic foam coming from a mix of limestone and recycled tyres (30%). The lamination process to paste the recycled polyester lining uses Aqua-A™ waterbased glue which is completely solvent-free and with no harmful chemicals. It's stitching free under arms, features anti-irritation seams where needed for extra comfort and motion pattern which is a specific shoulder construction for you to paddle in the easiest way !








We make it as green as possible

80% Eicoprene - 10% Recycled Polyamide - 10% Recycled Polyester

What’s in?

    • Eicoprene
    • 2/2 MM
    • Zip Free
    • B-stitched Anti-Irritation
    • Motion Pattern
    • Fuse Cut
    • Stitching Under Arms
    • Temperature 64-71°F