Second Wind Gripping Spikes

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Never lose grip on those icy and snowy patches. Clips onto your existing shoes to give you the ultimate cold weather grip.


Optimal grip while walking....
The Second Wind Gripping Spikes are designed specifically to ensure best possible traction while walking normally. The design of the grip ensures that the product stays on safely, while the placement of the spikes gives you optimal grip throughout the whole walking
A high quality ice gripper with a total of 10 studs under the heel and sole. This model provide a good fit to most shoe types and is easy to put on and take off.


- Designed to stay safely on
- High Quality CE certified ice gripper
- Good fit on most footwear. Easy to put on and take off
- Spike placement guarantees good grip
- Solid grip and good traction on all snow & ice surfaces
- 10 studs under the sole and heel for extra traction
- Adjusted to the whole walking movement
- Walking is a specific model of ice gripper for walking and general purpose